We aren’t in the money moving business.
We are in the connecting business business.


The economy no longer moves in straight lines anymore. Every day new opportunities break new ground and create new connections. And for it to keep functioning smoothly, it needs to be fuelled by money that reaches everywhere it needs to be, flows seamlessly and knows the heart of the economy and energizes it.

We believe our services help increase the velocity of cash in the economy by providing a wide range of services across each stage of the cash cycle in India: from when the RBI initially deposits cash in branches of selected banks, called currency chests (that are authorised by the RBI to hold and distribute rupee notes and coins for circulation to banks), to when cash is deposited back in banks after going through the various stages of the cash cycle. The 105000 business points we service are spread across 98.3% of districts in India, through a network that penetrates deep into the growing markets of the country.

CMS Info Systems Ltd. was formed in 2009 following an investment by the Blackstone Group to acquire majority stake in certain key businesses of CMS Computers. In 2011, CMS Info Systems Ltd. acquired Securitrans India Private Limited, thus consolidating its position as the leading cash management services company in India. In 2015, Baring PE Asia acquired 100% stake in CMS Info Systems.

Our platform offers our customers a single point of reference across India for their operations. Further our ground level knowledge of the markets they operate in and regional requirements has given us a distinct competitive advantage that has contributed to an enviable client roster which includes leading banks, top retail chains and financial institutions with whom we enjoy long standing relationships.