Often when the banks
want a new branch,
we are it.

ATM Solutions

CMS’ foray into ATM deployment was a success from day one. We debuted with the largest single phase deployment ever, consisting of more than 8000 ATMs for SBI and its associate banks.

CMS undertook one of the most ambitious projects in the industry by completing the installation in eight months, across 1100 districts, touching all borders and deep interior towns of the country.

CMS partners with Nautilus Hyosung, the fourth largest ATM manufacturer in the world, to bring to India some of the most advanced ATM machines anywhere. With a network of 220 offices across 2000 towns and cities, CMS is positioned to ensure the presence of an ATM in the far reaches of the country, as well to keep the service up and running.

ATM Product Solutions
The full complement of self-service terminals from Nautilus Hyosung, globally the fourth largest ATM manufacturer in the world, covers the latest technologies in ATMs, Cash Dispensers and Bulk Note Acceptors.
ATM Site Infrastructure Solutions
CMS sees through the implementation of an ATM site infrastructure from start to finish. We take control of the site, function as a single point of contact between various vendors, track the progress at various stages until completion, provide quality certification and conclude with a handover.
ATM Complete Line Maintenance
The banking industry average for best ATM uptime is mostly around 88%. In the current scenario that’s close to 19000 ATMs not working at any given point in time due to various reasons, and that many disappointed customers. CMS aligns with financial institutions and ATM deployers, to help them manage their ATM network operations. CMS Complete Line Maintenance solutions is ground breaking in many ways, not the least of which is that our customers now have a single point of accountability and end-to-end management of the ATM network, from both an operational and a management perspective.

Growth of ATM Industry in India

ATM channels provide opportunity for banks to go for competent and cost effective models. There was a belief that internet banking channel will make the ATM channel irrelevant. However, ATM Channel has dominated the public technology segment, and future of ATM industry is also quite bright in India. Read more from this interesting article by Mr. Hota, first published on ResearchGate.

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