We personalise financial cards, including the one in your wallet

Migrating cards to EMV Standards in India

We offer banks the following assistance in personalizing EMV chip cards, as well as in migrating from the present magnetic stripe-based card to EMV based chip cards.

Data generation for card personalization

Every bank has its own main customer data source and the details required for the personalization process need to be formatted and manipulated to suit the actual personalization of the card. This could also involve deriving components based on cryptography like DES, 3DES and PKI. This process would handle the data preparation for the personalization process.

Card personalization management

Card personalization management becomes more relevant when smart cards are being introduced, as the cost of the card is quite significant and a better tag on the usage becomes essential. We offer a package which caters to the needs of inventory, production management and dispatch tracking, which form the core of a production center.

Card & chip personalization programs

The chip writing on the personalization equipments and environments need lots of scripting and customization depending on the applications and data desired to be put on the chip. We offer these customer made scripts and programs, which can perform the task of chip personalization.

Cryptographic modules for implementing PKI & DES

Cryptographic modules are required to perform the cryptographic operations of DES, 3DES and PKI while preparing data for the chip as well as at the time of personalization. The solution can be hard based (HSM) or it could also be a soft crypto module.

Cryptographic key Management Solution

Information remains a secret only as long as nothing is leaked out. The

same is true with the implementation of the cryptographic modules and configuring the crypto keys. We offer secure ways to enter as well as store crypto keys to maintain confidentiality.

Consultancy for migration

We offer consultancy services to banks to create their migration programme, according to their customer base.

What is EMV?

EMV is a de facto standard for debit and credit bank cards, jointly developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa. EMV will mean that the current magnetic stripe banking cards will be replaced with smart cards in the coming years. This change is a major one, considering there exist about 1.5 billion international debit and credit cards, and the available points of usage are in the range of 20 million.

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