A cash activity every second.
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Cash Management Solutions

Our expertise is as in-depth as it is all-encompassing. It begins with almost all aspects of ATM management, which includes timely cash replenishment as well as deposit and cheque clearances. We provide a secure link between banks, retailers and corporations who need cash management services, namely our cash delivery and pick-up services, currency processing, bulk cash-in-transit services and dedicated cash vans. Our currency chest support and cash processing systems go a long way in keeping money circulation efficient. In addition, we have a front line cashiering service for our retail and corporate clients so as to offer end-to-end accountability. This vast network, combined with our own custom IT applications, ensure that cash reaches wherever it is needed, on time.

ATM Management Solutions Daily Replenishments, 24×7 First Line Maintenance and Deposit Processing
CMS, today, is the leading ATM cash management firm in India, having pioneered the service in 1996 and established it as a critical outsourced business function. More than 50000 ATMs, across the length and breadth of India, are entrusted to our care and management. Daily cash replenishments, deposit processing, first line maintenance for 24x7 uptime, and other ancillary services, are executed with a competence only a leader can deliver.
Retail and Enterprise Solutions Cash Pick-up & Store Management
Every day CMS services more than 35000 merchants, leading hospitals chains, insurance firms and logistics companies. At the end of each business day, the picked up cash is securely banked, and the necessary documentation, accounting and reconciliation reports are generated and shared with our customers.
Currency Management Solutions Processing, Bulk Transits and Vaulting
Handling, moving and sorting a large part of the country’s circulating currency into usable and non-usable notes requires an extensive infrastructure. It involves state-of-the-art surveillance systems to ensure both physical and electronic security. CMS has among the best facilities in the country, equipped with the latest in currency processing technology.