A cash activity every second.
(There, you have one. And that's another.)

ATM Management Solutions

Daily Replenishments, 24×7 First Line Maintenance and Deposit Processing

The CMS network is quite formidable and unparalleled. With a vault network in 220 cities and our team covering 2500 towns daily, we service every leading bank and bank branch in India. From Ladakh to Lakshwadeep, from the Rann of Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh.

CMS combines scale with process discipline making it the most reliable service available: We ensure the lowest rate of cash-outs and maximum ATM uptime for our network. Our FLM call logging and tracking systems make certain that we deal with the most critical metrics of ATM management (downtime or cash outs) in less than 2 hours, 80% of the time, anywhere in the country. We are able to take over the field management for any new ATM within 12 hours. We provide this level of service, 24X7, even during holidays, weekends and festival peak times.

We maintain end-to-end field ownership for every ATM site by acting as a single point of coordination for multiple organizations, be it networking equipment, bill payment, and housekeeping or caretaker services. ATM calls are thus optimised by combining cash replenishments, deposit clearance and reconciliation, along with first line maintenance of both software and hardware issues.

Security of operations is the cornerstone of our business. We follow a global standard of twin layer security, both physical and electronic.

Growth of ATM Industry in India

ATM channels provide opportunity for banks to go for competent and cost effective models. There was a belief that internet banking channel will make the ATM channel irrelevant. However, ATM Channel has dominated the public technology segment, and future of ATM industry is also quite bright in India. Read more from this interesting article by Mr. Hota, first published on ResearchGate.

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