Often when the banks
want a new branch,
we are it.

Managed Services

CMS’ foray into ATM deployment was a success from day one. We debuted with the largest single phase deployment ever, consisting of more than 7850 ATMs for a PSU bank. CMS undertook one of the most ambitious projects in the industry which involved roll-outs touching all borders and deep interior towns of the country. CMS’ foray into ATM deployment was an ambitious project from day one involving a large scale roll-out touching all borders and deep interior towns of the country.

We are one of the few companies in India that can offer end-to-end management of an ATM network, from both an operational and a management perspective, through a single point of accountability. Our Managed Services business services include ATM Product Solutions, ATM Site Infrastructure Solutions which include second line maintenance services for ATMs and Brown Label ATM services, where as independent ATM deployers, we provide the machine, the infrastructure as well as day to day operational support to a bank.

ATM Product Solutions
CMS partners with Nautilus Hyosung, the third largest ATM manufacturer in the world, and other suppliers to bring to India some of the most bank automation products, including self- service ATMs, cash dispensers and Bunch Note Acceptors (BNAs), as well as branch teller productivity enhancers, such as teller cash recyclers.
ATM Site Infrastructure Solutions
CMS sees through the implementation of an ATM site infrastructure from start to finish. We take control of the site, function as a single point of contact between various vendors, track the progress at various stages until completion, provide quality certification and conclude with a handover.
ATM Complete Line Maintenance
The biggest advantage CMS brings is cost efficiency, that very few companies in India can offer, since we are in a position to offer optimised visits to an ATM that combines cash replenishment with first line and second line maintenance, along with all the capabilities of a Brown Label ATM Service provider, where we act as an independent ATM deployer and provide ATM infrastructure to bank customers who pay on an ongoing, day-to-day operational basis.