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ATM Product Solutions

Complete Range of Self-Service and Branch Transformation Solutions

The full complement of self-service terminals from Nautilus Hyosung, globally the third largest ATM manufacturer in the world, covers the latest technologies in ATMs, Cash Dispensers and Bulk Note Acceptors. Besides self-service solutions, Nautilus Hyosung also manufactures new age ranch transformation solutions and branch teller productivity enhancers along with Teller Cash Recyclers. It’s a product line-up that meets all global security and access standards while being flexible enough to be adapted to all kinds of locations, functionality and feature requirements.

Designed with open architecture platform, these state-of-the art banking automation solutions are extremely flexible and allow for future upgrades and module modifications to suit specific customer and statutory requirements. NH further offers advanced security measures compliant with local and global standards, which can also be easily integrated with any monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of self-service channels.

Equipped with features such as LED lights and rugged ATM parts, they are meant to have minimum impact on the environment. The entire series further boasts of one of the highest uptime levels in the industry with minimum maintenance needs.



Cash Dispensers

These series of Monimax 5600 are state-of-the-art ATMs and Cash Dispensers with high dispensing capabilities and extremely user friendly interface for smooth bill payment, funds transfer, mobile top-up and other self- service transactions. They also have additional features such as audio aid for the visually impaired, transact using the Aadhar card, fingerprint scanning, cardless transactions, and more, which are now increasingly relevant to the Indian market. Hyosung machines are also highly futuristic in terms of functionality and aesthetic design, offering privacy of transactions while fitting into any lobby space discretely.

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Cash Recyclers and Bulk Note Acceptors


In partnership with Nautilus Hyosung, CMS is bringing in the latest technologies in Bulk Note Acceptors with cash recycling capabilities for clients who are looking to automate their deposit channel.Nautilus Hyosung is one of only four OEMs in the ATM Industry who use its own Note Authentication and Intelligent Deposit processing technology. The advantage thus being that Nautilus Hyosung is able to ensure that the technology is constantly updated as well as ensure that Currency Template updates are available at faster turnarounds than most other ATM manufacturers.

When strategically deployed, BNAs represent significant cost savings for banks by reducing much of the physical transaction cost typically incurred in a brick and mortar branches. For customers, this latest generation of Bulk Note Acceptors intuitively provide an experience similar to interacting with a teller at a branch through physical validation of currency notes and instant credit into account, along with the convenience of 24×7 deposits.

This series Monimax 8600 offers multiple options from cash dispensing, to cash deposit and cash recycling. The machines are pre-engineered such that they can offer both integrated and add-on modules, giving total flexibility and significantly lower entry costs. Banks can at their convenience configure these machines to evolve from Bulk Note Acceptors to Cash Recyclers.

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New Branch Solution


New and innovative, the New BankSolution offers maximum productivity to the branch and productivity, security, and great service to customers. The New BranchSolution is designed to allow tellers to focus on offering sales of other bank products, by migrating a high percentage of routine transactions to self- service.

A customer can execute a wide range of transactions rapidly, either completely via self-service or with the assistance of abank representative. It allows for cash deposit and recycling, cheque scanning and acceptance, bundled deposits of cash and cheque, bill payments and even new customer enrolment.

The design of the machine allows for complete privacy of transaction in presenting information and during input as well. New Branch Solutions are future forward, yet extremely flexible, that allows for a wide variety of configuration and integration options around branch requirements.

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Teller Cash Recycler


The Teller Cash Recycler has been designed to improve productivity and make life easier for the teller, by automating monotonous, repetitive counting tasks, while increasing accuracy of their processes. It greatly enhances a branch productivity and in turn radically improves customer experience on transactions for which they require the support of a bank’s representative. The front desk staff is also able to balance time in focussing on selling other bank products during their interaction time. Integrating a bank’s CRM to TCR will also allow tellers to present latest targeted financial products to clients who are in front of them. And so, yesterday’s tellers become today’s sellers.

The Teller Cash Recyler allows for one or two tellers to simultaneously process dispensing and deposit functions. It comes with enhanced capabilities of bank note authentication and sorting, thus reducing any false verifications. Further it stores cash received in cassettes and not in standard roll modules, thus reducing risk of robbery or any other exposure.

With built in recovery functions, the Teller Cash Recyler rarely suffers from paper jams, and in the rare case they do, the jamming point is easy to detect, thus ensuring very little loss of operations time. With end of day tallying and reconciling activities restricted to giving system commands and printing reports, there is very little physical activity such as counting the notes, bundling, etc for the tellers to execute. As all teller operations are automated, password controlled and audit trail monitored, the branch will never suffer loss of productivity in case of teller absenteeism as anyone in the branch can seamlessly execute the teller functions.

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