Often when the banks want a new branch, we are it.

ATM Site Infrastructure Solutions

CMS sees through the implementation of an ATM site infrastructure from start to finish. We take control of the site, function as a single point of contact between various vendors, track the progress at various stages until completion, provide quality certification and conclude with a handover.

Spanning cross country, some of these sites were put together often in conditions of difficult terrain and extreme climate, inadequate infrastructure, politically sensitive zones and border regions. Among our toughest assignments can be counted Dras (the world’s second coldest habitat), the Andaman and Nicobar islands, and remote towns in North East India, such as Roing in Arunachal Pradesh accessible only by boat.

Our solutions include every site format: single standing, bank branch attached, kiosks, within malls and other commercial establishments such as petrol pumps, airports, hospitals and retail stores.

What makes us best in this service class is that post an ATM site implementation, we have the capabilities of servicing and maintaining them like very few companies can. Know more about our complete line maintenance services.

CMS site infrastructure services include:

  • An area survey, site identification and feasibility report.
  • Installation of the ATM machine.
  • An ergonomically designed space customized to the host bank’s branding guidelines and visual merchandising elements.
  • Preparing the site with civil works that include electricity and VSAT connection, UPS back-up, air conditioning, security and risk mitigating installations.