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  • What Can Take Indian Banking To The Next Level?
    Date: 16-11-15 | Read More >

    India just got closer to its financial inclusion objectives with three announcements that will provide a definite boost to our country’s banking transactions ecosystem. First, the Indian RuPay card has gone international with three banks – Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India and Saraswat Co-op Bank. Second, the number of ATMs under NFS (National Financial Switch) network has crossed the two-lakh mark.

  • Walk in with Documents, Walk out with a Credit Card!
    Date: 26-11-14 | Read More >

    Banking services in India is going through a paradigm shift following customer expectations that are blurring the lines between different service categories. Where earlier financial services were expected to deliver on security and reliability, even at the cost of time and convenience, it is now all about instant and convenient, (without of course compromising security).

  • Cash Losing Relevance? Not Much of an Argument
    Date: 11-11-14 | Read More >

    A lot is being written and said about virtualization of payments and developing a cashless eco-system. From my standpoint of running the country's largest cash management company, the prospect of a cashless economy doesn't really exist for many decades to come.

  • Growth of ATM Industry in India
    Date: 26-12-13 | Read More >

    ATM channels provide opportunity for banks to go for competent and cost effective models. There was a belief that internet banking channel will make the ATM channel irrelevant. However, ATM Channel has dominated the public technology segment, and future of ATM industry is also quite bright in India. Read more from this interesting article by Mr. Hota, first published on ResearchGate.

  • What is EMV?
    Date: 24-12-13 | Read More >

    EMV is a de facto standard for debit and credit bank cards, jointly developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa. EMV will mean that the current magnetic stripe banking cards will be replaced with smart cards in the coming years. This change is a major one, considering there exist about 1.5 billion international debit and credit cards, and the available points of usage are in the range of 20 million.

  • What is VDP?
    Date: 23-12-13 | Read More >

    VDP or Variable Data print actually arrived on the scene due to the advent of digital printing. It allows you to create customized information on each copy rather than printing mass volumes of the same information.