World’s first AI automated ATM Security software application.

ALGO OTC by CMS is world's first fully automated, Artificial Intelligence powered, mobility based, ATM Security software application. As an end-to-end security encrypted fool-proof solution, ALGO OTC's main aim is to prevent ATM frauds at the time of cash replenishment or maintenance.

ALGO OTC helps banks to implement RBI guidelines on OTC Lock activation by providing first-time-ever geo fencing & GPS enabled user face recognition, credential authentication, backend service request compliant, OTC code generation software.

The application is machine agnostic and can operate on any ATM OEM with any safe / vault lock. The ATM machine could be manufactured by NCR, Diebold-Wincor, Hyosung or any other and the lock could be from S&G, Kaba MAS Hamilton, Securam, Perto or any other OTC make with one time integration ALGO OTC can be deployed by banks across the world on their ATMs to become fully compliant to the latest Global norms for ATM safety and security.

The application has been tested across India through CMS own network consisting of more than 62000 machines. It's many features have been built with our experience of managing ATMs across India while adhering to multiple SOPs from all the top banks, and many of our own. Among its many features are: full control on access with Geo fencing and GPS enabled application. User restriction basis lock proximity, time of operations, user location I AI enabled, Face recognition, ID verification software I Only one time access to authorized personnel I No call center required – Fully automated OTC can be generated with or without Internet connectivity I Fully compliant Audit trail for future verification I Backend reporting portal for real-time updates on usage I Integrated with maker – checker approval and can be used by Bank or Vault for cash replenishment, FLM, SLM and vault related activities.

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