In some parts of the country, money moves easier than people do.

We touch more than 1,15,000 business points in every nook and corner of the country, making us the largest cash management company in the world and the 5th largest ATM management company, globally. CMS has reached this scale and size of operations by servicing one single country, and doing it with unparalleled depth and entrenchment. The cash cycle in India is among the most intensive in the world, cash being the most inclusive of all payment systems. CMS has a legacy of having built a network that services 98.2% districts in India. Adopting efficient routing and scheduling systems, we handled $135Bn cash in FY20 alone, with the highest standards of safety.

Our expertise and our ground knowledge, is as in-depth as it is all-encompassing. It begins with almost all aspects of ATM management, which includes timely cash replenishment as well as deposit and cheque clearances. We provide a secure link between banks, retailers and corporations who need cash management services, namely our cash delivery and pick-up services, currency processing, commercial retail chests, bulk cash-in-transit services and dedicated cash vans. Our currency chest support and cash processing systems go a long way in keeping money circulation efficient. In addition, we have a front line cashiering service for our retail and corporate clients so as to offer end-to-end accountability.

This vast network, combined with our own custom IT applications, ensures that cash reaches wherever it is needed, on time.