If you can't go to the Bank, the bank will come to you.

With Cash2Home, CMS has launched for the first time in India, delivery of cash home for any amount. As the largest cash and ATM management company in India, we find ourselves at the frontline of every crisis the country goes through. Through them all it has been our effort to ensure cash is available anytime, anywhere and in the safest way possible.

CMS pioneered and implemented Cash2Home when the country went into its 1st lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The service was initially launched free for help keep the most vulnerable group in our society, senior citizens and differently abled, safe at home, while having access to cash to pay their bills, access monthly salaries and clear dues.

This service can be availed by banks who wish to provide this to any of their customer groups. CMS offers doorstep banking services which includes delivery of cash against withdrawal from own account and pick-up of cash & other financial instruments. CMS delivers cash home for any amount as long as within RBI guidelines.

If you are a bank that wishes to partner with us and offer the service to your customers, please mail cash2home@cms.com