It’s been an incredible journey,
We couldn’t have done it alone.

An organization is only as great as the people it is made of. And over the years, we’ve had the remarkable fortune of working with some of the best and brightest minds in the country. If we’ve risen high, it is on the wings of their ambition. They’ve come to us from different backgrounds, with varying degrees of experience and skill, but they’ve all had this in common – the will to adapt, the stomach for hard decisions and the ability to always rise to a challenge.

  • Rohit Kilam Ex. Chief Technology Officer 2020 - 2023

    "Grateful for the invaluable learning experiences and opportunities to grow professionally at CMS. Thank you for providing a platform where skills were honed and friendships were forged. Proud to be an alumnus of such a dynamic and supportive team!"
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  • Anup Neogi Ex. President Cash Management 2011 - 2020

    Having worked with different companies and their specific culture, my stay at CMS was perhaps the most high-yielding, satisfying and professionally meaningful. We had a consistent focus on building the organisation and keeping a clear long-term vision. The dedication and love of the employees towards the company, which I have experienced first-hand during my visits to regions have made CMS what it is today. It also came through in the way we handled a Demonetisation. The best part is that there is no politics at CMS.
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  • Ramkumar Sundaram Ex. VP & Head, Payment Solutions 2017 - 2020

    My time at CMS is best described as innovative and impactful. CMS provided me a platform to think differently, build new solutions and new client segments at a level that could have meaningful impact for the business and clients. I could venture into absolutely any new area as long as it had potential to create a significant revenue pool and a distinctive offering in the market. CMS has some unique capabilities that are not easily replicable, and it allows the company to operate at scale on a pan-India basis that clients often take for granted. The sweat and tears behind the curtains are often missed.
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  • Anuj Jaeel Ex. Director ATM Operations 2011 - 2019

    When I joined CMS it was transforming into a professionally driven organization. Percolating this new culture throughout the organization, while accommodating exponential growth was a great learning. And we did it in style, surpassing most (actually all!) goals set. I learnt how the right amount of motivation and a sense of belonging can make seemingly ordinary teams achieve extraordinary results. One such instance was CMS's response to Demonetisation and I'm especially proud of how the team came together as one well oiled machine. CMS leadership has been visionary and transformative, leading by example.
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  • Gaurav Luniya Ex. Assoc. Director Corporate Development 2015 - 2019

    CMS was a crucible experience. I developed skills of problem solving, navigating ambiguity, identifying and implementing the real metrics to track progress of an assignment/project, stakeholder management (working with CXO team and PE folks) and a first cut view of building a business/vertical bottom-up. My pride point is the Checkmate business acquisition - the negotiations, contracting, diligence, project management and granular tracking - our business team enjoyed the rare trust of a senior management that stayed "hands-off" fully entrusting us to execute this end-to-end.
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  • Subhash Kelkar Ex. CTO 2019 - 2020

    CMS runs a very challenging and operationally complex business. When complex situations like Demonetisation or Covid has come along, CMS has shown that it is made of a very different fibre. The culture is open and transparent, no nonsense with an almost brutal focus on execution. Any idea that is adding value to organization or its customers, will not only be welcomed but actively supported and taken to closure. I had the satisfaction of creating from scratch various simple and elegant solutions that had the potential to be plug and play solutions for the banking sector.
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  • Mayank Surekha Ex. Senior Manager - Business Finance 2016 - 2019

    As a key member of the strategy team, my role enabled me to work on high-level strategy and future growth plans of

    the company. It helped me develop a very nuanced view of the industry and perspectives that are beyond the realms of a normal finance stint. Or my experience warranted. I had exposure to our investors, market analysts and other external consultants.

    My leadership team was influential, close-knit team and very passionate about the growth of the company.

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  • Divesh Sawhney Ex. Business Manager 2013 - 2015

    CMS stint gave me confidence to lead teams and greenfield projects. I was handed over an opportunity to co-lead the ATM installation for SBI quite early on during my stint at CMS. I was able to manage multiple internal and external stakeholders along with running the project on tight timelines. The company culture enables its people to push their boundaries and try new things. Leadership team leads by example and not by myopic short-term objectives. The one thing I have learnt at CMS and continue to believe in, is to never underestimate what a team pull off.
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  • Rakesh Ranjan Ex. Business Manager 2011 - 2013

    "Execution eats strategy for breakfast" has been my biggest learning at CMS. I had tremendous independence to shape my own answers to all the business problems we faced. I had great exposure to all parts of a business, from ground operations to creating enterprise-level technology systems, to business finance and P&L management. I learnt the basics of running a business from the CMS leadership team that was always dead-focussed on the goals, short or long term. My peers had a very strong 'action-bias' and always a straight answer. It was an empowering and fulfilling stint for me.
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  • Alex Augustine Ex. SVP & Head HR 2010 - 2016

    I had an exciting transformational journey with CMS, tough in parts with many 'Black Swan' events testing your mettle. But we had support and trust amongst us. I joined what used to be an erstwhile promoter driven company and it was the right decision for my career. The things I could accomplish, I consider to be major milestones in my 27 years of multi-sector experience in HR and IR. I had the opportunity to hire and groom great talent in the company, and it was gratifying to see them bloom into successful professionals over the years. I certainly miss the action packed days in CMS !!
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