$135 Bn cash managed in FY20 alone.

Cash In Transit

Handling, moving and sorting a large part of the country's circulating currency into usable and non-usable notes requires an extensive infrastructure. It involves state-of-the-art surveillance systems to ensure both physical and electronic security. CMS has among the best facilities in the country, equipped with the latest in currency processing technology.

Processing, Bulk Transits and Vaulting

CMS currency management solutions have seen sustained investments and system innovations year-after-year. With the latest currency processing technologies such as high-speed sorters and counterfeit detectors, they replicate the sorting and processing infrastructure employed by leading banks. The technologies employed allow for varying degrees of sorting like ATM fit, over-the-counter issuable, unfit and such. Our operational scale can handle bulk processing in single shifts, which reduces costs and time significantly for individual customers.

We provide bulk transits of currency for both inter-city and inter-branch through our secured fleet. Each transit involves

comprehensive risk assessment and a detailed security drill. Our measures are pre-emptive, tactical and reactive, relying equally on specially trained personnel and technology. It reflects in our choice of team units, vehicles, route-mapping, tracking and reporting methodologies.

Our vaults are fitted with state-of-the-art security features and have capabilities for sorting and counting currency, storing jewellery and bullion. Multiple vaults in larger cities are able to support larger volumes and also faster turnaround.

All in all, CMS delivers one of the most secure and on-time cash and valuables handling services in the country.

Secured transport and vaulting is an integral component of our offerings.




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