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CMS info systems awarded excellence in productive employment creation at the business today yes bank emerging companies excellence awards 2014

Mumbai, India – November 11, 2014

New Delhi, November 11, 2014: CMS Info Systems, India’s leading cash management and payment solutions company was awarded ‘Excellence in Productive Employment Creation’ at the prestigious Business Today – Yes Bank Emerging Companies Excellence Awards 2014, held in New Delhi on Nov 7, 2014. On behalf of the company, Mr Rajiv Kaul, CEO & Executive Vice-Chairman received the award from Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, Honorary Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

The second edition of these awards was held to recognize the exemplary achievements and perseverance of emerging companies who are the real engines of sustainable growth in the country. CMS Info Systems emerged as the recipient of the award in the ‘Large companies’ category, among 708 odd entries. The company also made it to the final shortlist for ‘Excellence in Corporate Governance’. The esteemed jury was chaired by Jyoti Sagar, Chairman & Founder of J. Sagar Associates, which also comprised of Amit Kumar, Group President & Country Head, Corporate and Commercial Banking, YES Bank and Shashank Jain, Executive Director, PwC India. The discussion was moderated by Josey Puliyenthuruthel, Managing Editor of Business Today.

CMS is uniquely positioned as India’s largest cash management services company and is responsible for the movement of more than 50% of the cash in transit in the entire country today. In 2009, when CMS Info Systems was formed, the company employed 9,500 as employees. Retaining the workforce, aligning them to the new management vision, keeping them incentivized and eventually growing the team along with the business, was one of the significant achievements for the company between 2009 and 2010. Most companies then were downsizing their workforce in the wake of the economic slowdown followed by a slow revival of the economy. As of April 2014, the company engaged more than 15,200 as employees across 220 offices in India and has created a workplace that is for the most part, stable and highly motivated.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr Kaul said, “We are delighted to be recognised by the jury for best practices in corporate governance and also for building a cohesive cross-specialist team. We have builtour organisation around our people,and all our decisions during bothgood times and tough times, have been driven by that focus.This award is a testimony to that. 98% of our 15,000 plus employee-base comprises of field workforce coming from diverse backgroundsso that we have ex-army and servicemenworking alongside people skilled in logistics, technology and business operations. Our unique challenge is to motivate, and inspire an unusual degree of honesty and dedication from the workforce. This is a large group spread across every corner of the country, entrusted with the task of handling money on behalf of hundreds of banks and thousands of retail outlets.”

He further added “While we have deployed innovative employee-centric policies and practices that drive motivation in our diverse workforce, we have also extensively leveraged technology and data in the HR function, that gives us constant, real time intelligence to predict and budget for future variations in workforce productivity and behaviour.”

CMS Info Systems was formed in 2009 following an investment by the Blackstone Group. Cash management services aside, today CMS is also a leader in each of its varied business lines: Managed IT Services, Card Personalization, Print and Digital Solutions, and IT Training.