Intelligent branches. Not just machines.

MVS is a multivendor ATM software enables banks to take control of their ATM networks to reduce costs, increase functionality and improve competitiveness. It is a multi-protocol, multivendor, multi-lingual, multi-country ATM application. It contains all of the ATM functionality required by the most advanced banks, including a full set of ATM transactions such as cash dispensing, cash recycling, check deposits with imaging, transaction preferences, targeted marketing, advertising, and more.

The MVS solution has been customised by CMS over a period of 18 months, and is built built to a bank’s specification and the diversity of their ATM network, OEMs and machine proprietary software. Once implemented, it provides a seamless experience across all their ATMs while keeping with highest standards of cyber and ATM security, as mandated by bank’s own standards and RBI.

MVS helps the bank have a nimble and smart ATM Channel strategy while creating front-end and back-end gains for the bank. It also delivers significant amount of reductions in operational and technology efforts and costs while improving ATM availability and the time to market for new ATM services. With the successful implementation of MVS, a bank may now market and advertise any new product offering such as cards, retail loans or attract savings investments instantly across its entire ATM network. The Bank can centralise all its communication or target it by any number of variables, since the system is capable of operating from a customer centric point of view.

Banks can gain considerable cost and operational advantages by being able to procure ATM hardware and software components separately with the dependency of being tied to one vendor for both. Furthermore, the use of vendor independent ATM software provides added advantages as the ATM software is completely vendor agnostic to the Bank’s selection of hardware. The software also eases the management of the terminal, improve the software archival processes, cash reconciliation processes, remote key management, in proactive network monitoring, managing trouble tickets, software download management, and one-to-one personalized marketing.