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Retail Cash Management

From cashiering services for top retail chains, to picking up cash from more than 40,200 merchants and banking it, we seamlessly integrate our services with our customer's business needs.

Cash pick-up and delivery, cash processing & vaulting

Our cash pick-up service has been tuned to service the requirements of retail chains and comes with highly customizable features and options.

CMS's proprietary technology running on hand held systems in the field, allows us and our customers to track cash collections as well as information in real time. Reporting is also completed the same day. The collections system uses sealed-bags so that cash is not handled physically till it reaches our secure vaults, where it is checked and processed under electronic supervision.

Our retail solutions are the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way for you to control your cash cycle.


24 Hours

Our large network ensures that any new customer pick-up point can be built into our route map

Enterprise Solutions: Doorstep Banking, Teller Management, High Value and Bespoke Services

This facet of our service is geared toward corporations which have a network in smaller towns and remote areas and perhaps lack access to immediate banking channels. Here we provide the fastest, most efficient and secure way to consolidate and streamline cash collections. We count among our valued clients leading insurance firms, hospital chains, educational institutions and logistics & shipping companies, who use our enterprise solutions.

A compelling value addition to our service is our teller management services: CMS personnel trained in client MIS systems, take over and manage the complex task of handling cash, accounting and reconciling it for our clients.

Solutions are customised to client needs and begins with identifying the appropriate number of tellers for specific cash payment or receipt loads, and then training them on the client's MIS and accounting systems.

CMS also handles several high value cargoes through a specialised supply chain, which consists of secured transport and vaulting systems that can be customised to pick up and deliver jewellery, bullion, media or important documents.

As part of our home banking services, we also take care of individual cash deliveries for all leading banks.

Our Other Cash Management Offerings: