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Handling cash

An extra responsibility for retailers

Handling in-store cash often presents challenges and extra costs for retailers. Manually handling, counting, reconciling, and depositing cash every day, or multiple times a day can be expensive. Retailers can now improve cash management with processes that are easy to track, manage and implement across locations. Cash automation today is a game changer for retailers.

Improving efficiency at a lower cost with an integrated retail cash management solution is the key.

Introducing, an integrated & efficient

Retail Cash Management Solution

Maximize cash flow
Reduce shrinkage and reconciliation
Improve customer experience
Eliminates human error
Provides centralized visibility of cash during transit
Automated reporting

Safe Cash Logistics

Retailers have relied on their staff for daily cash management. However, this added responsibility is a distraction and is time-consuming.

With a seamless Cash Pickup and Deposit Service through a trusted and reliable partner, retailers can cut down on operating costs by designing a personalized cash management schedule. It helps retailers reduce risk by avoiding vulnerability to theft and robbery, and staff members can dedicate their time to high-impact tasks like sales and customer service, driving higher revenue and customer satisfaction.

Within 24 hours our large network ensures that any new customer pick-up point can be built into our route map.

Reducing the number
of visits to bank
Reduce dedicated
staff for cash handling
reporting module

Keep Cash Flowing Through Cash-X

Retailers with pan-India presence and footprint in smaller towns often face challenges in cash management due to limited banking access, a dearth of technical know-how on-ground, and subpar security.

Cash-X solutions helps retailers with quicker credit with electronic transfer of funds upon collection from any location and provides MIS on realtime basis for faster reconciliation.

Advantages of Cash-X

Efficient use of
the bank network
trace real-time

Retail Cash Vault Solution

Time is the essence, and when it comes to the value of cash, no one understands this better than a retailer. An automated cash management solution reduces the amount of time and money that businesses spend on making bank deposits, on cash handling materials, and on labour costs. With Retail Cash Vault Solution, a customer's cash will be collected at the end of every day, then counted, stored, and accounted.

At premise
24X7 automation
Real-time tracking
and reconciliation

About Us

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Customer Use Cases

Leading NBFC in India

Retail cash vault solution is deployed at a leading NBFC for their 70+ branches which allows access to clients to deposit EMI any time of the day by entering their Read more registered mobile number/customer ID hassle-free. It provides clients the option to deposit multiple/particular EMIs at one go and generates real-time SMS upon receipt of funds. Read less

Largest Airline player

Cash collected on flights and on the ground is deposited at the Retail cash vault 24x7 at any airport irrespective off base location which leads to early credit. Read more We have deployed this at 40+ sites which helps in centralized monitoring of cash collections and also depositor-wise counterfeit detection. Read less

Leading Eyewear provider

CMS provides customised API integration with the POS system of 1000+ stores of a leading eyewear provider. This customisation helps auto-generate cash pick-up QR Read more code - a unique feature that enables real-time data update and reconciliation. Read less

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Whitepaper: AI & Automation Revolutionising Retail Industry

Indian retail contributes 10 per cent to the country’s GDP, generating employment for 8 per cent of the population. With clear resurgence in the retail sector, it is essential for retailers to assess the benefits of a complete and integrated retail solution that not only helps to automate manual cash processes and offer security but to also elevate the business through valuable insights through AIoT led surveillance.

This CMS white paper looks at the solutions available and how they make a difference.

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