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Banking Automation

From installing ATMs to expanding the Cash Deposit Machines & Recyclers base in India, we've been helping change banking as we once knew it. One feature at a time.

Complete Range of Self-Service and Branch Transformation Solutions

The full complement of self-service terminals from Nautilus Hyosung, globally the third largest ATM manufacturer in the world, covers the latest technologies in ATMs, Cash Dispensers and Bulk Note Acceptors. Besides self-service solutions, Nautilus Hyosung also manufactures new age ranch transformation solutions and branch teller productivity enhancers along with Teller Cash Recyclers. It's a product line-up that meets all global security and access standards while being flexible enough to be adapted to all kinds of locations, functionality and feature requirements.

Designed with open architecture platform, these state-of-the art banking automation solutions are extremely flexible and allow for

future upgrades and module modifications to suit specific customer and statutory requirements. NH further offers advanced security measures compliant with local and global standards, which can also be easily integrated with any monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of self-service channels.

Equipped with features such as LED lights and rugged ATM parts, they are meant to have minimum impact on the environment. The entire series further boasts of one of the highest uptime levels in the industry with minimum maintenance needs.

Cash Recyclers and Bulk Note Acceptors

Teller Cash Recycler

Our Offerings

CMS sees through the implementation of an ATM site infrastructure from start to finish. We take control of the site, function as a single point of contact between various vendors, track the progress at various stages until completion, provide quality certification and conclude with a handover.

CMS aligns with financial institutions and ATM deployers, to help them manage their ATM network operations. CMS Complete Line Maintenance is among the few solutions available in the industry that offers customers a single point of accountability and end-to-end management of the ATM network, from both an operational and a management perspective.

In 2019, we entered the multi-vendor software solutions segment and are now a leading player for multi-vendor software opportunities in India. We have developed, commercialized and implemented multi-vendor software solutions for SBI and intend to continue targeting other large public sector banks in India in this sector. In 2019, we won a contract to implement multi-vendor software on up to 100,000 ATMs and have completed implementation on 44,467 ATMs as of March, 2021.

Our fully automated, mobility based, ATM security software application, which provides E2E password management and facial recognition, and has been implemented across our business and is currently used in over 35,000 ATMs as of March 2021.